how to lose belly fat in 1 week

  • Weird Weight Loss Tricks That Really Work!

    eat to lose belly fat in 10 days
    Are you given up using the same weight-loss that is old? Here are some weight-loss tips that might sound weird for your requirements, but in actual sense they are doing work. The good side is that they are all backed by solid science!
    how to lose belly fat in 1 week
    Eat together with your non-dominant hand

    It's common for people to munch mindlessly on anything whenever movies that are watching TV. The unfortunate thing is that many munch on some of the unhealthiest meals. Research has shown that eating with your hand that is non-dominant helps to eat less. The reason why you eat less is as you shovel just small amounts of meals (since you aren't used to eating with that non-dominant hand).

    Take a look in the mirror

    It has been shown that individuals who look at on their own in the mirror when consuming have a tendency to eat noticeably more healthier meals. The reason behind it is because seeing yourself reminds you of your weight and diet loss goals.

    Immerse yourself in azure

    Using blue tablecloths, blue napkins, blue lights or even painting your living area blue has been confirmed to cut back food consumption. The reason for this is because blue is related to toxic or food that is moldy people consume less. Yellow and red colors are appetite-stimulating and have opposite effects. That is the reason why fast-food that is many use them.
    how to lose belly fat in 1 week
    Eat in silence

    Consuming in a noisy environment has often been related to making you eat faster so that your brain doesn't understand you end up overeating that you are full and as a result. Eating in a silent place ensures that the human brain is not distracted thus it easily knows if you are complete hence you can't overeat.

    Wear clothes that are tight dinner

    It is common for individuals to seize a t-shirt that is loose sweater once they put on a few extra pounds. According to experts, you should always wear something tight whenever eating. This is because the tight clothing will remind you that you have experienced enough once you begin to overeat.

    It's also recommended that you hang a thin jean in your kitchen or dining room to remind you of your fat loss goals.

    Try the 'toothpaste diet'

    Rather of going for a sweet treat once you have had your meal, you should clean your teeth with mint-flavored toothpaste. The minty flavor helps with signaling your brain that the meal is over thus you easily limit your cravings.

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